SMART Goals in the Music Room

Goal setting is such an important skill for students, especially students in Grade 8. I was inspired while on Pinterest (imagine that!) by this pin to spend some time at the beginning of the year teaching those kidlets how to set SMART goals. 

I set up a spot on one of my chalkboards and duplicated what I saw from that pin using sticky notes. Don't look too closely or you'll notice I made a mistake (realistic instead of relevant) but I later corrected it.  


We spent some time discussing what SMART goals were and then I split the kids into their Music Teams and they worked together to come up with an example of a SMART goal - music related or not. It was their choice.

Next came the creative/make my room look pretty assignment which was inspired by this pin. The students were told to write their own SMART Goal for Music, trace their arm, write the goal on their hand, and decorate it in some way that related to their goal. This is the rubric I used to give them a quick mark. In Ontario, we follow the Achievement Chart when assessing and evaluating students. K/U = Knowledge & Understanding   T = Thinking    C = Communication  A = Application (not assessed in this assignment). 

Here is the final product!




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