Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Report Card Comments

I have now crawled out of my report card cave! Yay! The last few weeks were busy with marking and writing report cards for 10 Music classes plus my Grade 5s. I have also had a slew of Grade 7 and 8s coming before and after school to play some GPS tasks for me which has been great since some students went from D's to B's on their report cards. The past two weeks have really enjoyed seeing their progress and love seeing the boost to their musical self-confidence.

I thought I would share some of my "parent-friendly" report card comments, strengths and next steps. Hope they are helpful!

(By the way, *N* = name of student, *4* = He/She, *2* = his/her)

Grade 4: 
In Music, *N* creates and performs for a variety of purposes. This was demonstrated through a performance of “The Magic Hat” to show differences in tempo and by making a found instrument to perform an ostinato pattern based on the theme of recycling trash.

*4* participates positively and with enthusiasm in all of our activities.
*4* is a cooperative member in our group activities and discussions.

As a next step, *4* will be encouraged to remain focused and pay close attention to instructions to ensure *2* full participation.

Grade 5: 

In Music, *N* described how to use the elements of music when performing and creating. This was demonstrated by reflecting on the use of themes in a “Musical Fairytale” and by using movement and writing activities to respond to music.

*4* very thoroughly describes *2* feelings and ideas when completing assignments.  
*4* clearly describes *2* feelings and ideas when completing assignments.

As a next step, *N* can benefit from listening to a variety of music and discussing with a family member how and why the music made *6* feel a certain way.  

Grade 6: 
*N* used the elements of music to create and perform and responded to music in a variety of ways. This was demonstrated through a Word Composition and by detecting the changes in a Theme and Variations activity.

(Strengths and Next Steps are similar to Grade 5)


In Music, *N* creates and performs by playing a variety of simple pieces using the first five notes on *2* instrument. 

*4* plays notes and rhythms with very few errors and has shown great initiative this term. 
*4* plays notes and rhythms with very few errors.

As a next step, *N* will be provided with modelling and reminders to play *2* instrument correctly and should practice daily at home or at school.  
As a next step, *N* is encouraged to make sure that class work and homework assignments are completed and handed in and to ask for help when *1* needs clarification about the task at hand. 

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